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We're passionate about bringing highest quality services to your health and happiness from our therapies.The Centre for holistic and psychological  healthcare aspires to excel as a valuable, effective and influential organisation advancing,psychological, holistic, homeopathic, naturopathic, herbal medicinal and other unified  complementary and alternative therapies  from quantum physics and unified approach of modern healthcare era.  

Our Philosophy


(i) A uniting force for the discipline

(ii) The major catalyst for the stimulation, growth and dissemination of healthcare science and practice

(iii)The premier innovator in the education, development, and training of healthcare consultants,scientists, practitioners and educators

(iv) The leading advocate for therapeutically  knowledge and practice informing practitioners and the public to improve healthcare values  and daily living

(v) A principal leader and global partner promoting the therapeutical  knowledge and methods to facilitate the resolution of personal, societal and global challenges in diverse, multicultural and international contexts of healthcare needs.

(vi) An effective champion of the application of unified healthcare to promote human r health, well-being and dignity.

Our Passion


1. Increase advocacy for psychology and holistic wellbeing with Alternative and complementary therapies.

2. Provide the efficiently and best therapeutical services.

3. Strengthen APS relationships and profile with key external bodies to further develop and promote psychology, psychotherapy with other holistic and alternative  therapies.

4. Improve support for the scientific discipline and professionalism  of therapies.

5. Establish and support the achievement of high standards for therapeutical  practices.

6. Improve  satisfaction  guarantee with the practices

.7. Become a stronger and more cohesive health centre. 

8. Develop and maintain effective, ‘best practice Governance.

9. Manage the clinic’s resources efficiently and effectively.


Our Believe

Optimal Health is the primary goal of the centre for holistic and psychological healthcare limited. It is the conscious  of the highest level of functioning and balance of the physical, environmental, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of human experiences, resulting in a dynamic state of being fully alive. It creates a condition of well-being regardless of the presence or absence of disease and improve the Healing Power . Our healthcare practitioners strive to meet the patient with grace, kindness, acceptance, and spirit without condition with confident for the  Whole Person prospects. Our practitioners view patients as the unity of body, mind, spirit and the systems in which they live.


Prevention and Treatments

Our Healthcare practitioners promote health, prevent illness and help raise awareness of diseases in our lives rather than merely managing symptoms.A holistic unified and quantum  approach relieves symptoms, modifies contributing factors, and enhances the patient’s life system to optimum future well-being. 

Innate Healing Power. 

All people have innate powers of healing in their bodies, minds and spirits. Our healthcare practitioners evoke and help patients utilise these powers to affect the healing process. 

Integration of Healing Systems. 

Our healthcare practitioners embrace a lifetime of learning about all safe and effective options in diagnosis and treatments. These options come from a variety of traditions and are selected in order to best meet the unique needs of the patient.The realm of choices may include lifestyle modification  alternative and complementary approaches as well as conventional drugs and surgery.

Relationship Centre Care. 

The ideal practitioner-patient relationship is a partnership which encourages patient autonomy and values the needs and insights of both parties.The quality of this relationship is an essential contributor to the healing process.


Our healthcare practitioners focus patient care on the unique needs and nature of the person who has an illness rather than the illness that has the person.Teaching by Example. Our  healthcare practitioners continually work toward the personal incorporation of the principles of holistic health, which then profoundly influence the quality of the healing relationship.

Learning Opportunities. 

All life experiences, including birth, joy, suffering and the dying process, are profound learning opportunities for both patients and healthcare practitioners


Our Style

We work collaboratively with numerous medical professionals and expert complementary and alternative therapy practitioners. We created to provide a range of Alternative, complementary treatments and psychotherapies designed to assist health, healing and happiness with relaxation. This is a greet error of our day in the treatment of the human being that physicians separate the soul from the body. This lament could easily describe the state of health care today with all too much emphasis placed on the diseased part of the body and all too little on the whole person. But in fact, the quote is from Plato more than 2000 years ago. Then, as now, a major flaw in the practice of medicine has been on the overemphasis on the physical symptoms and too little consideration of the Individual’s mind body and spirit. The Alternative and complementary approach to therapy and treatment recognises that a person is not only a physical body but one that needs to be understood and treated as a whole, incorporating body, mind and spirit.

All our practitioners are experienced professionals who will treat you in a caring and confidential manner in our calm and soothing environment. For more information about each of the modalities available at the clinic, please click on the appropriate link .

More about our healthcare system

Holistic and Integrated healthcare


What is Holistic and Integrated  Healthcare?

Holistic and Integrated  Healthcare is a form of healthcare  that considers the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and emotions -- in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

 According to the holistic medicine philosophy, everyone can achieve optimal health. The primary goal of holistic and integrated medicine practice -- by gaining proper balance in life.Holistic  integrated healthcare practitioners believe that the whole person is made up of interdependent parts and if one part is not working properly, all the other parts will be affected. In this way, if people have imbalances (physical, emotional, or psychological) in their lives, it can negatively affect their overall health.  

The Definitions of Terms article

 A holistic doctor may use all forms of health care, from conventional medication to alternative therapies, to treat a patient. For example, when a person suffering from headaches   pays a visit to a holistic doctor, instead of walking out solely with medications, the doctor will likely take a look at all the potential factors that may be causing the person's headaches, such as other health problems, diet and sleep habits, stress and personal problems, and preferred spiritual practices. The treatment plan may involve drugs to relieve symptoms, but also lifestyle modifications to help prevent the headaches from recurring.

Medicine Safety


Whether medicine is over the counter, prescribed, taken by you or administered to another medicines care and safety is of paramount concern to all. Here are some practical points to safely manage your treatment.Do you take a long list of medicines to manage serious health problems? Or do you need an over the counter (OTC) product from time to time? Either way, there's a lot you can do to make sure you get the benefit from your medicines and keep safe in the process.

Know your medicines

What you don't know can hurt you. The more you know about any medicine you use, the more you can be sure you're using it properly. For each medication you take, whether it's prescription or over the counter, always check with your Practitioner, GP or pharmacist that you understand what it does and how to use it. If you can't find enough information on the packaging or in the patient leaflet that came with it, or you have trouble understanding it, be sure to ask your consultant  to explain.

Medication do and don't ?

Medication do or don't help to make sure your medicine works safely to improve your health.

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Medication do.

1. Tell your consultant about any drugs you are already taking; prescription, over the counter, complementary, alternative or recreational.

2.  If you are pregnant intends to become pregnant or is breast feeding.

3.  About any allergic reactions you have had to previous medicines.

4. Take each medication exactly as it has been prescribed.

5. Check if your medication is likely to make you drowsy or affect your ability to perform difficult or dangerous tasks.

6. Check there are no foods you need to avoid while taking the medication and that it’s safe to drink alcohol.

7. Follow the timings of your medications with respect to meals if instructed to by your doctor or pharmacist.

8. Store medicines in a cool, dry place and protect them from light or refrigerate them if advised to do so.

9. Keep all medications out of the sight and reach of children.

10. Finish the treatment by completing the course your doctor has prescribed if this is what has been advised.

Medication don't.


1. Leave your doctor’s surgery or your local pharmacy without understanding clearly how and when to take the medicine.

2. Leave medicines near the reach of children.Store them in a cool, locked cupboard out of sight and reach of children.

3. Take any medications, over the counter or prescribed, if you are pregnant or trying to conceive without consulting your doctor or pharmacist first.

4. Miss any doses; if you have trouble remembering to take your medicine, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

5. Stockpile medications at home; once you've finished a course throw any remaining medicine away.

6. Change your medication dose or schedule without talking with your doctor or pharmacist.

7. Use medication prescribed for someone else.

8. Crush or break pills unless your doctor instructs you to do so

9. Use medication that has passed its expiration date.

10. Store your medicine in locations that are either too hot or too cold. For example, the bathroom cabinet may not be the best place for your medication, use a cool, locked cupboard out of the sight and reach of children.

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Questions for your consultant  after receiving a prescription.
Boots Feature for each medication you take, whether it's prescription or over-the-counter, always check with your doctor that you understand what the medication does and how to use it. 

Here’s a list of prompt questions to ask your consultant ,

1. What is the prescription for?

2. Why do I need this medicine?

3. What will this medicine do for me?

4. How much do I take, how often, and for how long?

5. Does it matter what time of day I take this medicine?

6. What side effects should I watch for?

7. What should I do if I have a bad reaction?

8. How will this medicine interact with other prescription or over-the-counter medicines I am taking?

9 How will this medicine interact with vitamins herbal supplements, or foods?

10. If I feel better before I finish the prescription, should I keep taking this medicine?

11. Is there other prescription, over the counter, or generic medicines I could take instead?

12. What else should I know about this medicine?

Note: We don't have answers to all problems and answers to specific problems may not apply to everyone. So, if you notice medical symptoms or feel ill, you should always consult your doctor

Fine Art of Healthcare


We provide high-quality health care and therapy services for  Holistic, Psychological and  Integrated Medicine.Holistic, Psychological and Integrated  Medicine are a powerful combination of holistic, natural, herbal and naturopathic medicines and psychological therapies,  uses a preventative and holistic approach to empower individuals to achieve and maintain wellness.Each modality is unique and quantum and unified. it  is subtly different based on the services provided, yet all of them house unique teams of highly experienced medical and allied health practitioners that work together to provide personalised medical attention and long-term healthcare through a vast array of holistic healthcare services.

The Fine Art of Healthcare.

An optimal blend of holistic, psychological, herbal, homeopathic, naturopathic medicines and other mind body therapies .Our healthcare consultants typically start with a comprehensive diagnosis of your health, from which they devise a personalised treatment program with you. 

Treatments vary according to individual health needs, medical status, lifestyle and family history. A typical Your Health program would consider your diet, environment, physical activity, systems of detoxification and repair, relationships and mental attitudes. 

Our healthcare practitioners aim to actively enhance each individual patient's state of health, prevent illness and holistically maintain well-being.