We assess your individual needs and listen to your concerns and goals for well-being. Our healthcare practitioners are well trained in holistic, psychological, herbal, homeopathy, naturopathy, Alternative and complementary medicine and therapies and offer a professionally guided whole-person approach to your healthcare.An initial consultation with our Patient Navigator can help you determine which treatment, service or program is best for you.We offer an independent assessment, perspective, and guidance for those with health diagnoses or anyone who is currently struggling through life.We work with a simple and powerful understanding known as the 3 principles. An insight into the holistic, psychological and integrated  foundations of how life works from the inside out, can bring relief from issues people have struggled with for years, empowerment rather than limitation and a renewed sense of self.We assess your individual needs and listen to your concerns and goals for well-being. Our practitioners are trained in holistic, psychological, herbal, homeopathy, naturopathic, integrated and complementary medicine and therapies,offer a professionally guided whole-person approach treatments, education and research.

Our Research: We are also involved in ongoing research into different treatments and how the whole therapeutic relationship benefits patients. 

Our Service and Specialities

Clinical Neuropsychology


Clinical neuropsychology is a important field of psychology concerned with the applied science of brain- behaviour relationships. Clinical neuropsychologists use this knowledge in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and or rehabilitation of patients across the lifespan with neurological, medical, neurodevelopment and neuro psychiatric conditions, as well as other cognitive and learning disorders assessment is primarily by way of neuropsychological, but also includes patient history, qualitative observation and may draw on findings from neuro imaging and other diagnostic medical procedures. Our Clinical Neuropsychologists has  on  in-depth knowledge  on neuropsychology neuroanatomy, neurobiology, psychopharmacology and neuropathology.

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Homeopathy is an advanced, effective, and gentle system of holistic medicine that has been successfully used for over two hundred years and on every continent. Homeopathy is not to be confused with herbal medicine or nutritional therapy.  The set of principles that guide the selection of a medicine make homeopathy a distinct and integral system unto itself. Homeopathic medicines, called remedies, may be safely and effectively applied in chronic (long-term) conditions, as well as acute (short-term and self-limiting) illnesses and injuries of adults, children, and animals. In treatment, it is the individual as a whole system that is considered as opposed to treating the named disease. The goal is to relieve symptoms permanently.

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Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary health care that emphasizes prevention and the self-healing process through the use of natural therapies. While the roots of naturopathic medicine date back to the 1890s, naturopathic medicine has 

witnessed a rapid increase in public interest in recent years as a result of the  growing consumer movement to solve the health care puzzle using prevention, wellness and respect for nature's inherent healing ability. Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are primary care physicians who blend centuries-old knowledge and a philosophy that nature is the most effective healer with current research on health and human systems. They have attended a four-year naturopathic medical school, are clinically trained, and work in all aspects of family health — from pediatric to geriatric care. 

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Clinical Psychology


 Central to its practice are psychological assessment, clinical formulation and psychotherapy, although clinical psychologists also engage in research, teaching, consultation, forensic testimony, and program development and administration. In many countries, clinical psychology is a regulated mental health profession. 

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Herbal Medicine


 Plants have been used for medicinal purposes long before recorded history. ... Indigenous cultures (such as African and Native American) used herbs in their healing rituals, while others developed traditional medical systems (such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine) in which herbal therapies were used. 

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Psycho-visual Therapy


 Psycho-visual Therapy (PsyV) is one of the most powerful mental re-programming systems in use today. Positive response is quick and, used properly, the system is safe with no side-effects. Since it deals with the cause of the problem, rather than its symptoms, its effectiveness is marked even among those who have already attempted other techniques. 

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Psycho-Sexual Therapy


Psychosexual therapy is aimed at helping people who have difficulties in their sexual relations, whether from a physical, emotional or psychological source, or a combination of these.

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Sexual and Marital Psychotherapy


Traditionally, sexuality has not been a focus in couples therapy training, research, or practice, although it is an important, often complex issue for many couples. Sexual and Merital Psychotheripists help you  the story of a couple presenting for sex therapy due to their unconsummated marriage, and is told to exemplify how sex therapy and couples therapy can be integrated in order to best meet the needs of couples..

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Family Therapy


Family therapy is most often used to help treat an individual's problem that is affecting the entire family, such as an addiction, depression, or behavioral problems. This type of counseling can also be useful for addressing family-wide problems such as conflicts between siblings, spouses, or parents and children

Family therapy, also referred to as couple and family therapy, marriage and family therapy, family systems therapy, and family counseling, is a branch of psychotherapy that works with families and couples in intimate relationships to nurture change and development.

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 Many people come to us because they want to change. But often their focus is on changing someone else, believing that in order to experience a state of well-being, they must first get another person to change. This makes for ongoing dissatisfaction, “controlling behavior (feeling out of control),” and blaming others (for what they are doing or not doing). 

 NLP is well known for its applications in the field of therapy and counselling but there are many other areas in which NLP can be applied. 

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 Hypnotherapy is a holistic practice that complements traditional medicine using hypnosis as an alternative treatment tool in helping to promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being.•Clinical research proves it to be an effective approach for stress management, overall health and to relieve the symptoms of some conditions.•It assists with behaviour modification for self-improvement and personal development to create positive lifestyle changes in an individual.•Hypnotherapy is also an effective therapeutic process that can facilitate communication between the mind and body, motivating people to move forward to reach their goals. 

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Patient Safety

Everyone has a role in making healthcare safe - physicians, healthcare executives, nurses and technicians.  Healthcare organizations across the country are working to make healthcare safety a priority. You, as the patient, can also play a vital role in making your care safe by becoming an active, involved and informed member of your healthcare team.  Remember to SPEAK UP.

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Life Coaching


An effective coach creates a relationship of mutual trust and respect and can then offer a broader perspective of truth because of the emotional distance the professional relationship offers. A coach is an individual who possesses the tools, techniques, focus, wisdom, intent, and knowledge to elicit a client’s values, goals, and beliefs. The coach is then able to create a plan of action and a strategy for success toward a defined outcome or result and is able to guide the client. Coaching is a system of thinking and action items that when put into practice can shift a life right into balance to create a new, rewarding lifestyle. It is introducing change to overcome obstacles and a decisiveness to allow for permanent change. 

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CBT and psychotherapy were efficacious in treating social anxiety disorder, in both the short- and long-term, when patients showed continuous improvement. Although in the short term, intention-to-treat analyses yielded some statistically significant but small differences in favor of CBT in several outcome measures, no differences in outcome were found in the long-term. 

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