Psychological Therapy

Who we are.


We  are psychological healthcare  service, training, and research centre, provides evaluations and treatments for patients with a variety of psychological problems. In addition, we offer cognitive and diagnostic assessments for a number of issues.We also provide general mental health services for adjustment and phase of life issues (e.g., divorce, family discord) as well as treatment in speciality areas such as anxiety, depression, childhood behaviour problems to name just a few.Our consultants provide services with and/or under the supervision of licensed,  therapists according to the rule and regulation on UK therapy services.Our treatment centre is designed to provide high-quality services to patients and to gain information that will contribute to the further understanding and treatment of other individuals who experience similar concerns.

What we provide.


We provide low-fee individual and group therapy as well as assessment/testing, research and review services for adults, children, couples, and families. We also serve as a training and research centre for psychotherapy and diagnostics. Clinic therapists treat clients with approaches validated by recent research and matched to the individual needs of the clients.We offer the best of both worlds: a small, people-oriented clinic and the resources of the top-rated therapy program in the country.

Our benefits include:

  • Cutting-edge psychological therapeutic treatments
  • Supervision by faculty who are leading experts in their field
  • Specialize clinics based on the latest research
  • Confidential personalize services
  • Low cost, sliding scale fees for therapy and assessment

Our Therapy Services


Therapy Services: What to expect  in therapy.

A. Individual Therapy (Adult and Child)

B.Family Therapy

C. Couples/Marital Therapy

D.Group Therapy

E.Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

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Our Therapy Services

Individual Therapy


 Individual therapy is best described as therapy that focuses on one individual's needs in the areas of behaviour, emotion, growth, or skill development. Such services may include an adjustment to work or life situations, coping with a loss, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, getting over a fear, managing a medical illness, learning positive thinking, or stopping self-injury. These services, while individual, may involve work with others, particularly when a child the individual with behavioural concerns (i.e., bedwetting, sleep problems, compliance issues, school-related concerns). These services are generally scheduled on a weekly basis (about 50 minutes) and typically last between 6 and 10 sessions. 

Family Therapy


 Family therapy is best described as therapy that focuses on the growth of a family based on each member's needs, or in the family group response to an individual member's needs. Such services may include an adjustment to separation/divorce, coping with loss, behavioural and conduct problems, coping with a medical illness, effective parenting strategies, or responding to a family member's needs. These services involve all the members of a family. These services are generally scheduled on a weekly basis and typically last between 4 and 10 sessions. 

Couples and Marital Therapy


 Couples and Marital Therapies involve partners actively working to address issues within their relationship. These services may involve both persons meeting together, as well as some individual sessions, and typically target relationship concerns and needs, as well as adjustment to life situations. These services are generally scheduled on a weekly basis (about 50 minutes) and typically last between 4 and 8 sessions. 

Group Therapy


 Group therapies tend to focus on a building a particular skill set, such as Social Skills for Children, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Adults, or Coping with Depression. Generally, individuals participating in these groups are addressing specific goals, and may often also be involved in other therapies such as individual or marital
counselling. These services are scheduled weekly, and generally, groups enrol together for 6-week series. 

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)


The PCIT Speciality service serves children functioning between the ages of 3-6 years and their families. PCIT services have been found most effective in treating children with disruptive behaviour problems (ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder), but may also benefit children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, developmental disabilities, anxiety, or mood problems. PCIT works with the child and caregivers together to improve overall behaviour and to reduce parenting stress. PCIT requires a 6-10 week commitment by the caregiver and child with one session per week.  

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