Psycho-sexual Therapy

Psycho-sexual Therapy


 Sexual difficulties can make people feel very alone. Some people feel so fearful, self-conscious or ashamed of their sexual problem that they suffer for months or even years without discussing their worries with anyone, even their partner. Yet, sexual difficulties are very common and can have many causes. Their origins may be:

  • Physical (the effect of illness, accident, surgery, disability or medications)
  • Psychological (anxiety, depression or other mental health problems)
  • Emotional (unresolved grief or unhappiness due to other problems in the relationship)
  • Situational (they only happen under certain circumstances such as when your in-laws are staying!)



 Modern life can pose challenges to a satisfying relationship. You're busy! You and your partner love each other but can't seem to reconcile differences. Maybe you have some "baggage." You may have sexual issues that you can't quite resolve. You may feel frustrated or embarrassed or too overwhelmed to tackle things. Unfortunately, unaddressed relationship concerns can create a great deal of pain and conflict for everyone involved. You or your partner may be wondering whether you can get past this and get your needs met. 

Psycho-sexual Therapy Help


Fortunately, couples therapy and sex therapy can help tremendously in bringing peace, intimacy, and satisfaction back to your life and relationship. Even if you have tried unsuccessfully to address your concerns in the past, it's important to keep trying. Realize that self-help only goes so far. Working with a therapist on relationship issues provides a personalize level of care that is more likely to help you achieve what you want.  

Sexual Performance Anxiety with Sex Therapist Kerri Baker

 Psycho-Sexual  therapist and motivational counselor Kerri Baker discusses common sexual performance issues experienced by men and women, and how to deal with them. 

Do therapists get attached to their clients?

 Is it possible that a therapist can become attached to the client? How do therapists handle that? The short answer to this is yes, we can get attached to our clients, but it is imperative that we deal with it ethically and therapeutically.    

Issues we help as psycho sexual therapist.

What issues dose psycho sexual therapists help you.

 Some of the issues psycho-sexual therapists will be able to help with include: 

  • loss of sexual desire
  • painful intercourse
  • difficulties with orgasm
  • arousal disorders
  • erectile dysfunction
  • premature or delayed ejaculation
  • sexual difficulties following abuse
  • general breakdown in a couple's relationship
  • not being able to achieve penetrative sex
  • fear of sex
  • menopause
  • pregnancy and postnatal sex
  • sexuality and illness
  • sex avoidance
  • poor body image relating to intimacy. 

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